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There are many uses for controlled density fill (CDF) and the Lakeside team has been pumping it for over 20 years. CDF is the most versatile, flowable fill product on the market with countless uses. It is an engineered flowable cementious material that self compacts and turns into a hardpan that if needed can be excavated in the future.

Flowable Fill is used for many projects:

  • filling oil tanks
  • filling abandoned sewer and water lines
  • structural fill
  • foundation support
  • pavement base
  • conduit and pipe bedding

CDF is a flowable fill yet hardens and rapidly develops load bearing properties with no compaction. This will save a massive amount of time and money. Instead of countless man-hours filling with granular material compacting every foot and having compaction tests done, why not get a constant flow of controlled density fill that self compacts and self levels no matter how deep you fill it? And you only need one man on the end of the hose! The pump will do the rest offloading ten-yard trucks in as little as 12 minutes!

  • 20 years owned and operated
  • offload 10 yard trucks in as little as 12 minutes
  • maneuverable equipment for ease of use
  • Easy cleanup/ less mess

Lakeside Concrete Pumping Incorporated knows what’s going on with CDF pumping. CDF is very easy to pump if you know your pumping equipment and the imitations of different types of CDF. At Lakeside Concrete Pumping we know all of the above. There are many different types of CDF and only a few of the formulas will pump. Call us, Lakeside Concrete Pumping, the CDF pumping experts to discuss your project. We will let you know what works and the most efficient way to pump the CDF into your project.

We would also be glad to direct you to contractors that use our service.

  • CDF suppliers
  • Contactors
  • Underground utility specialists
  • Oil tank abandonment specialists

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